Our Coffee

himalayan beanz only serves 100% organic Arabica coffee grown in the foothills of himalayas.

himalayan heanz is committed to the wellbeing of coffee farmers who grow our organic coffee beans. We support the small farmers that produce the excellent produce that our customers enjoy by paying them market rate directly and cutting out middlemen in the process. We also advocate organic method of farming and only buy organic products whenever possible, this helps to save environment and promotes bio-diversity. Our high quality organic coffee beans are grown by small farmers who have been practising organic farming methods for generations.

All of the coffee is grown and harvested using natural organic farming methods which ensures the superior quality of coffee beans.

Community Farming

The coffee that we use is produced by small farmers, who work together to ensure that strict organic method of farming is followed. The farmers help each other in growing, caring and harvesting of the coffee beans. This community work promotes social harmony and brings down social barriers.

News & Events

  • We've opened first drive-thru coffee shop in Nepal at Guandi, 5 KM ahead of Damauli, on the way to Pokhara.
  • This festive season we're serving special Lemon & Lime and Peach ice tea in all of our outelts.
photos of himalayan beans
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